Spring Cleaning in the Fall

After MANY years in the networking industry, I’ve accumulated a TON of domains.  These domains get used for a while, and in the case of earlier ones, get forgotten.  So I decided to simplify my life (and registrar billing) a bit and shut down some old barely-used ones.  Of course there is always little morsels of goodness hanging out in each of these domains and I didn’t want to just delete them all, so I’m posting them here.

  • Text Filters: These filters allow you to change any plain text into jive, valley-girl and swedish-chef speak!  Fun for parties?
  • Rally Ally Pokie Guide (EPUB): This little nugget of humor was just too funny to consign to the briny deeps, so I converted it to EPUB.  Load it up into your favorite e-reader.  Mature audiences only.
  • Rally Ally Pokie Guide (PDF): The original PDF version of the above.  Mature audiences only.


There will be more stuff added soon as I clean out all the other junk.