Nike + iPod = RUN YOU FOOL!

How Geeks Get Into Shape!

So I’ve quit smoking, and started using my Bowflex again. I have to say that I have definitely been feeling much better since dropping the nicotine monster. However, I’m still WAY overweight and need to fix that. So, I geeked out and bought the Nike + iPod thingy.

Basically, this is a pair of shoes with a small compartment in the bottom of the sole, which houses a sensor. That sensor communicates to a FOB which attaches to your iPod Nano, and tracks your movement. Check it out:



Using this setup, you can track your progress at the Nike website. Its actually pretty cool!

Filesystem Crashes Suck!!

That sucks!!So I’m surfing along on my iMac and all of a sudden everything seizes up! After booting with an install disk, I find out that my filesystem is well fooked. Basically its not even bootable. Well crap.

I had too much on there to just let it go, so after a day of working on the poor box with DiskWarrior, I have made a full recovery! Whew…

Of course I immediately started up Time Machine. If I every have this problem again, it will be a much easier fix!