“Gun Violence” and Evil Men

I don’t normally get political here, but I feel a short rant coming on:

For months now I’ve been watching videos of people speaking out in town hall meetings with politicians across the USA against new gun restrictions and laws, and something struck me as odd.  I’m curious why, when people talk to politicians in these public forums about “gun control,” they still address those politicians as if they were actually trying to solve the issues of “gun violence.”  Does anyone really believe that these politicians are “doing it for the children?”

At this point there’s been too much water under the bridge to give these politicians the benefit of the doubt in assuming that they are approaching this as a public safety issue. It’s not about, and never has been about solving “gun violence issues.” It’s always been about controlling the population – and the politicians know this. That’s just the lie they use to drum up support from the willfully ignorant and fearful – who unfortunately are legion in this country.

Let’s start calling it what it is, confront them with the truth, and drop these silly pretenses. The only hope for our country is in citizens educating themselves and learning to recognize evil men so they can be voted out of office before it’s too late.  The old “it could never happen in this country” mentality is from a different time, long ago.

Wake up folks, it is happening.


In this country.

If even one of the rights of the citizens can be nullified, they all can be nullified.  And when they are done with the second amendment, the first amendment will certainly be next.  Those who don’t think it could happen in this country are the very reason that it will.

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