How I Quit Smoking

3 Weeks and No Desire for Smokes!

Its been a few weeks, so I figure its time to actually post about this. Over a month ago, BTravlin on ScubaBoard saw me post about my desire to quit smoking. He suggested I read this book by Allen Carr called “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” Well sure. I’ve tried damn near everything else, why not a book too? Well, I sure am glad I read it! Thanks B!

Kids, this book really works. Its not a book to scare you into quitting. Just the opposite, you are supposed to keep smoking while you read the book. Only at the end does it tell you to smoke your last cigarette. Of course, by about half-way through the book, you really want to stop. All I can say is, do exactly what the book tells you. Its amazing.

Now, just smelling 2nd-hand smoke makes me hurk. The very idea of smoking a cigarette turns my stomach! To pick up your own copy of this book, click HERE.

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