Shark Fin Soup in Vegas?!?!

Today someone posted this on ScubaBoard:

“I was recently in Las Vegas and had a chance to stay at the newly opened Palazzo Hotel. There is an Asian Restaurant on the casino floor called Jade, and we decided to try it out. I was shocked to see that they served Shark Fin Soup, given what we all know about the destruction of this creature. :angry: :angry: I spoke with the manager, told him how upsetting this would be to many people, and asked that he remove the item from the menu, but he said it was a corporate decision and that the restaurant is owned by Venetian/Palazzo. So I’ve sent emails to them but have heard nothing back, and now I’m publicizing this on scuba diving boards. Palazzo is a part of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. group of casinos and I’d bet they serve Shark FIn Soup in Macao and will in Singapore too. It’s a public company (LVS) and maybe like Disney they’ll respond to public pressure.

This has got to stop; it’s bad enough it’s an established part of some cultures but to bring it to the Strip gives it a novelty flair and it’s just that many more thoughtless people who will cause that much more thoughtless killing. Here’s the emails I could find, you might come up with additional contacts so post them here. And while I hope it’s gone soon, DEMA is in Vegas this Fall. Maybe a little personal visit/publicity/picketing might be helpful?”

The email addresses that were posted for complaints are:

There is also a webform for feedback.

So, I decided to do my part, and wrote an email:

Dear Sir or Madame:

Recently it has come to my attention that the Jade restaurant, in your Palazzo Hotel is offering Shark Fin Soup on it’s menu. Please don’t mistake me for some PETA tree-hugger or other kind of hippy – I assure you that I am far from that. However, surely you know what a disturbing and disgusting practice shark-finning is. These animals are removed from the water, have their fins cut off, and are dropped back into the water to eventually die a slow death.

This would be the equivalent of chopping off the legs of a cow while its still alive, and letting it die a slow death. Would you do this to a dog or cat? Would you do this to ANY animal?

In light of these facts, I’m requesting that you remove shark-fin soup from your menu, as it supports the most barbaric treatment of the animals in our oceans. In the end I think you will find that its better for your restaurant to remove this item now, rather than face the hugely negative press that this practice attracts in the near future.



I encourage everyone to do the same. This is a truly messed-up practice that needs to be ended.

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