Interval training and my favorite exercise

In the dojo we do a fair amount of interval training, also known as Tabata. If you’ve never done this before, think of getting a full hour’s worth of workout in four excruciating minutes! It’s very intense and challenging but it REALLY helps to get you in shape (you can read more about it here). There seems to be many benefits of doing Tabata over traditional exercise routines, including big increases in aerobic and anaerobic capacity. This is huge for me!

Now lets consider for a moment my favorite exercise – the burpee. It’s not my favorite because it’s easy. This is the most feared and dreaded exercise in the dojo. When I first tried it I thought I was going to die! I decided to make it my favorite exercise because nothing can kick my butt quite like burpees. Now lets put the two together and we get Burpee Tabata – the nuclear option of workouts! If you are looking to have your hind quarters handed to you, this is the workout for you.

Of course to do this right you will need a timer, like a Gym Boss or some other device. If you have a smartphone, there’s also an app for that. I’ve been using Interval Timer for the iPhone and it seems pretty simple. Cruise on over to the app store and pull it down, then give it a try in the gym!

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