Time to dust off the cobwebs!

I’m going to ramble on a bit here.  Last year wasn’t a huge year for diving.  It seemed like we were always busy doing other things.  We did visit St. Lucia last year and had some pretty fun dives, but aside from that we were pretty inactive as far as a diving season goes.  I’d like to make this year more active and that means that it’s time to get all our gear serviced and dive-ready.  Between the two of us we need to service:

  • DiveRite TransPlate (mine)
  • DiveRite TransPac (hers)
  • 2 Suunto Cobras (ours)
  • 3 Aqualung Titan LX regulator sets (ours)


We’ve also lost considerable amounts of weight over the winter so we’re likely looking at 2 new 3mm wetsuits too!  And of course I have 3 AL80’s and 1 pony tank in need of VIP’ing.  All in all we’re looking at about $500 in expenses just to get us dive-ready!

Now we need to pick some destinations!  A few years ago we decided to do a different island every year, and there’s no shortage of islands out there.  So far as a couple we’ve been to Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Cozumel, and St. Lucia.  We could always stay around the caribbean (which I love), or we could branch out a bit.  There’s always Hawaii, but I hear the natives hate us.  Another option is Belize!  I saw an episode of Three Sheets featuring Belize and it looked pretty cool!  There’s also a blue hole in Belize that I’ve been dying to dive every since I heard of it years ago!

Look at this:

Who wouldn’t want to dive that?  Besides, my friend Chris once dropped one of my SeaLife Reefmaster Mini cameras down there, so I have sort of a connection with the place, right?

Another advantage of Belize is that it’s right next to one of the largest coral reefs in the world, second only to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.  This sounds like a win to me!

Obviously Belize isn’t our only option.  There are so many other great islands to choose from.  I’ve been to Aruba, but my wife hasn’t.  As I recall, Aruba was a lot of fun!  Bonaire is also a great destination if all we are looking for is diving, but from what I hear there’s not much of a night life there.  Barbados is also on the menu, as my wife once won a trip there that we ended up never using.  We’ve both been curious about that island.

All I know is, it’s been a long winter and the sooner we get underwater the better!


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